This is the Orthodontist to see! All three of my children have used her. They all have beautiful smiles because of it! Not to mention her wonderful staff! Great place.

Fields Herring

Just love Dr. Whitehead and her staff! They always go above and beyond!!

Andie Lambert Bell

I highly recommend Dr. Whitehead as an orthodontist. As a matter of fact, I have recommended her time and time again. She does a fantastic job and the results are incredible. Along with her, her staff is great. They are so sweet and my kids love them. I have 2 children in braces now, and 1 to be in braces soon. I could not ask for a better experience at the orthodontist than we have here at Dr. Whitehead's office. Hands down.....the best.

Allison Maughan Allison

Dr. Whitehead is a great orthodontist. One of my kids has already been treated and has a beautiful smile, my other child is going through braces right now and his teeth are already looking so much better. He will have a gorgeous smile too.

Suzanne Lilly Wallace

This is my son’s orthodontist and she ROCKS! Everyone is great in the office! I Heart THEM!

Cyndi Thatenhurst Roddam